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Client Testimonials

Much of our business is through referrals from satisfied clients. Here is some feedback from people we have helped.

Testimonial 1

“The professionalism of the services I received from Attorney Cruse was exceptional. One thing I had to continuously let her know was that I truly appreciated her keeping me honest and insisting that despite how the other side responded, we would fully do what was required on our end. The integrity of the services is a true example of what any attorney worth their weight should have.

This was the hardest hurdle I will ever have to jump in life. Reassuring me and ensuring that myself and my children’s future were secure in the end was the most helpful. Making sure that once things were over, I was not left with trying to tie up loose ends was a plus. There was never a pressured time with my attorney or her staff that was induced by this office. That aided me in knowing that they were handling my situation and I could rest assured that our best interest was priority with them. The safety, protection and well-being of my family were important to them.

Being highly educated on the aspects of the military and how it pertains to the law ensured that everything me and my children were justly entitled to we received. That alone was worth a lot to us. Peace of mind.

I would highly recommend the services of The Law Office of Christine M. Cruse, P.C. It is just sad they only practice in the state of Georgia. I have been asked by several employees and friends for their contact information and if they would represent them in another state. Many have heard all of my kudos of Attorney Cruse and her staff and know how completely satisfied I am with them. This has been a long, almost three-year journey, and many have been my support. So just seeing how things unfolded for me has prompted several people to enquire about my attorney, whom I will be using for years to come. I am excited about the growth of this firm. They will go very far!! Honesty and integrity goes a long way in the legal profession and they displayed that a hundred times over. Thanks for all you have done.”

AH, Italy, formerly Warner Robins, GA

Testimonial 2

“I believe that Ms. Cruse as my attorney and her staff have always been professional. No matter the problem, big or small, I have always been given truthful, honest advice. They are always timely in response to emails and phone calls. I would be lost without the guidance of Ms. Cruse. They have always been polite to my family and been timely with responses to questions.

Ms. Cruse took my case about four years ago. Not only did she guide me in the directions I needed to go, but she got me custody of my daughter and adoption of my second daughter. She was always there for phone calls and questions for me and my wife. Her staff was always on the ball with any worries, cares or concerns we had.

I would recommend Ms. Cruse to anybody with specific needs to family law. I have already recommended her to several friends of mine. She is the most honest attorney I have ever met or had business with.”

WS, Perry, GA

Testimonial 3

“The thing I say is that I would refer you to others, as you [Christine M. Cruse] have a vast knowledge of the legal system. Your past history of working with the District Attorney’s Office and the Secretary of State’s Office as well as being a certified mediator makes your knowledge invaluable to someone who has never had to deal with the legal system before, such as myself. You understand the little nuances and the politics that are involved and are able to navigate through these systems effortlessly. You work tirelessly for clients and will not stop until you have the desired end that we, the clients, want and desire.

When your clients are freaking out, you are there to help us through our worries without ever losing your composure. You are always available to your clients and will hold our hands if you have to. You are calm under pressure and always present the image of being in control. You definitely helped me tremendously through my biggest panic attacks! You are awesome is the only way I know to sum it up. I could not have asked for a better person advocating for me and wouldn’t want anyone else. You are a tenacious attorney and a great representation of what one wants in an attorney.”

KH, Macon, GA

Advocacy and counsel in family law matters

If you are looking for an advocate you can trust to take care of your family law matters, contact The Law Office of Christine M. Cruse, P.C. We serve clients in and around Warner Robins, GA and offer flexible hours. Schedule an in-person meeting or speak with us by phone at 877-595-0136. We are also available online.


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