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At The Law Office of Christine M. Cruse, P.C., we understand that divorce is difficult, whether it is highly contested or uncontested. As an experienced family law legal team, our goal is to make the process as least disruptive and cost effective for your family as possible. We provide you with competent and caring guidance through the divorce process, while diligently protecting your rights and your wallet.

Equipped to handle all matters related to divorce in central Georgia

Divorce involves family and financial matters that extend into a variety of areas. Our firm is equipped to answer your questions regarding:

  • Child support, custody and visitation — Your children are your upmost concern, so their best interests are our top priority. Our child custody attorney strives to obtain a custody situation and visitation schedule that helps each child thrive even during this difficult time.
  • Fathers’ rights — We have years of experience in fighting for a man’s right to be a significant part of his children’s lives. We help you establish paternity and seek custody and/or visitation rights with your children.
  • Property division — Our property division lawyer partners with you to ensure that you receive justice in the division of assets and do not end up with an unfair amount of marital debt.
  • Military divorce — Our military divorce attorney understands the important details that are unique to military members, military spouses and military families who are going through a divorce.
  • Mediation — Our divorce lawyer in Warner Robins, GA, Christine M. Cruse, has been a state certified mediator since 2006, specializing in domestic mediations. She can save you time and money by resolving your issues without going to court.

When it comes to your family, we understand the need for a balance of compassion and determination. Achieving your goals in the least disruptive way possible is our priority.

Providing strong representation in uncontested or contested divorces in Houston County

Whether your divorce is amicable or volatile, we use our more than 25 years of experience to walk you through the process from start to finish. Our goal is to protect your finances and your well-being as much as possible through any type of divorce. The two main types of divorces are:

  • Uncontested divorces — When both parties have reached an agreement on all issues related to the dissolution of their marriage, our office completes the necessary paperwork to document your agreement. If your spouse’s attorney drafted documents, we review them to ensure that your rights are adequately protected.
  • Contested divorces — When an agreement cannot be reached, our divorce attorney, Christine M. Cruse, is not afraid of a fight. Her 25 years of experience as a former Houston County prosecutor have equipped her to provide strong representation for her clients in the courtroom.

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Going through a divorce can be stressful. At The Law Office of Christine M. Cruse, P.C., we are compassionate, knowledgeable and diligent in providing quality services. Our office is conveniently located in Warner Robins, GA, and we offer convenient parking and flexible hours to meet with you. Call us today at 877-595-0136 or contact us online.

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